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888casino, formerly Casino-on-Net, is an online casino founded in 1997 and based in Gibraltar. It is one of the Internet's oldest casinos, and in 2013 it became the first exclusively online casino to be licensed in the United States.

An angry player shared his experience: "I have received welcome bonus and have completed all wagering requirements. After that I have won over 800£. I have requested founds to be withdrawn and get withdrawal confirmation. Next day I have received request to upload my documents for verification. I have uploaded pictures of my UK driving licence which is registered in the same name and address as my account with 888casino. Following day I have received email from they operation team saying that my account was closed due to failing security checks. They haven’t include any details or explain why these checks were unsuccessful. I have contacted their operation team but never get any reply. Their online chat is not available neither customer service number. I have read the reviews on internet and it seems to be usual way for this casinos to treat people this way. I do feel that only thing I did wrong was winning money and they try to use excuses and not pay me my winnings."


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Ian Tomlinson says

"Scam Scam Scam.How this company is legal beggers belief they must have the gaming commission taking bribes for them to give this SCAM site a license"

Yomi Ajudua says

"Really, I have never encountered such insolent. I am not a Person to write comments or complaint because I am a patient person but really... I am now playing for a couple of days not and lost over 3000K with a couple of games. Of course, at the start of signing up, you win a couple of bucks but you feel the fair game play within it by winning and losing about a 30 to 70 of course 70 is for the losing, now since a couple of months I can't even make it to a win of 300 despite playing a game for hours, there you go now I feel a 5 to 95. All games feels normal even when losing it is undersanble but nowadays all games which gave you a good game feeling started paying diffrently and I dont mean one, I mean all games. For gods sake I mean depositing 500 pounds and playing a game for hours on 80p with no bonus games at all or playing on 2 pounds and your money last for around 5 minutes. Is this how you treat your customers. By my calculation losing about 8000 pounds in 3 months and receiving 700 hundred in return really that is called "rip off" for goodness sake... For my sake waiting for my 300 poinds withdrawel after losing 4000 pounds in 4 days and then delete this crap...... ANYONE WHICH TO FLUSH THEIR MONEY AS WELL FEEL FREE BUT I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND,"

Mike Farbar says

"Hate this company, your advertising on youtube and all other sites makes me mad, i would never join and gamble with you just because of that!"

Hoshyar Gg says

"I have played with these scam people for so long never win and they get you lots of stress on the game log you out . I have try with 2 phone it’s same. You never get bonus on the game and if you get bonus don’t be excited there’s nothing to win.....scam."

Graeme Ramsay says

"Take take take ..very good 888 spent £100's on one game !!!!! No a single win complete shambles !!!!! Won't play this again ......complete rip off!!!"

Alex Kite says

"I am waiting for a payment of nearly 10000. They have promised over and over again that payment will be made. Contacting my bank and gambling commission. Awful company Further update. Having filled in the form from link below the website has an error message upon pressing submit. Another example of this suspicious companies practices. So after using the online chat and further phone calls they have now advised me that I need to upload the verification documents again. They have also stated that the turn around is now no longer 72 hours for verifiation but 5 days. Just more delaying tactics."

BLEE hedley says

"Stay well away! Absolute SCAM!!! I’ve gave this company thousands and thousands never to win a penny back and yet months ago I would win the odd grand here and there and once I started withdrawing money that was it! The wind stopped and have continued to stop for months and now I’ve have this company more thousands they’ve temporarily suspended my account out of the blue! You have no way of contacting them via the phone and they do there best to screw customers over, so please stay away from this scam of a company!"

LegendLynx says

"Used 888 for over 2 years, was recently asked to verify my details (for a 2nd time) to get my withdrawals. Sent pictures of passort, driving license and Current card (one used to deposit). Recieved and email back to say any restrictions were lifted, few minutes later recieved another saying they need details of 2 other cards to be verified. I joined a live chat on the support to explain to them that those 2 cards were old either out of date or replaced cards which i obviously couldn't provide. To which i was told "888 can ask me to provide details of anything they want" . So i decided to try the phone number given, which was absolutely pointless and the person i was talking to couldn't do anything at all except tell me to email Operations. I emailed operations and explained the whole situation to them, that was 5 days ago and i haven't heard anything since. So 888 took my deposits with no problem at all but then when i came to pay out, decided i needed to verify.....again, then refused to verify my account with the full proof of identity i gave. Update: Put in a support ticket using the link they gave received an automated response saying it will take up to 48 hours for an individual response. Passed 48 hours now and I've heard nothing from them...."

Drew Von Helmet says

"I made bets, that won, they did not pay out, I thought it was lag, but nope, it took my money, just didn’t pay on wins. Checked my gaming “history” and it did not show that the bets were placed. Contacted support, they stonewalled me, referring to the “history.” Total scam, glad I just lost $100, and not more. ***In response to 888’s reply, I already tried that, it takes 4 days per email correspondence, and after almost a month of messaging back and forth, your team said they would not help me. Scam."

Paul says

"Truly awful service. Signed up for the 100% deposit match offer. Signed up and deposited £40 and was expecting a balance of £80 to play with. Checked my account and they had taken £80 from my account. Awful. Avoid this site as can't be trusted. Made contact with their staff and I was told that I must check the amount I sign up next time. Basically told me to simply deal with it. Awaiting a response. I wonder what they will say?? Update. Still no feedback from this awful company that takes money even if you don't approve it!!! Not sure they will ever reply very good at responding on here though"

HHmummy says

"Worse casino ever, will be closing down my account. How does the deal gets a 10 each deal on a blackjack table. Totally fixed, absolutely horrible. Never ever again do you get my money."

Richard Prigmore says

"you advertise saying if you join you get £88 free with no deposit well that's a load of rubbish I signed up and it wanted me to pay a deposit that's false advertisement"

David Hewitt says

"I have played on 888casino for a number of months and have transferred money in and out via my debit card with no problems. This Friday 8th Jan 2021 I collected £399.50 and have since lost £300 back to them. Today Sunday 10th Jan 2021 I get an email telling me my account is blocked pending me supplying them with photocopies of BOTH sides of my debit card, my passport and my driving licence! So every important document I have in one email for £400. Really? I have refused to comply and have reported them to the data commissioner. I am starting a MCOL case against them for my money."

Spence bill says

"888 casino is a scam and don’t bother complaining to the gambling board you will be wasting your time they’re all in together best thing to do save your money."

jim friel says

"I've been a member of this casino for over 5yrs at the start it was not a bad casino but recently it's just swallowed up deposit after deposit. I cant seem to get anywhere on the slots, anytime I get a decent amount or a semi decent bonus round I try an increase my bet to maybe get a nice withdrawal amount but to no avail it just eats the lot and has been doing this for the past four months. That's the last time I made a withdrawal from this site back at the start of last September a measly £200. I don't spin big amounts usually 20p to 60p a spin and still cant win. On my last check I'm over £3000 down since my last withdrawal ivecontacted them on several occasions an keep getting the same crap, sorry ur on a bad run here a free £10 slots bonus. Not good enough 888. I cant understand how this is fair gaming I know gambling is game of chance but cmon here somethings got to give at some point an let your customers win for a change. I'm looking forward to seeing this company's end of year gross profits and be warmed inside knowing that my money has lined the fat cats an dick turpins of 888s pockets. Stay away folks definitely better an alot more fairer sites out there that actually respect their customers an let them win from time to time. Just look at their rating on here for God sake shocking, should be ashamed of how you treat your customers 888 and during these uncertain times and people out of work. While yous just suck everyone's banks dry."

Debbie Thiele says

"Worst online casino out there. I requested a withdrawl of $200 on December 8th. It is now January 8th and I still don’t have my money. I have called them about 8 times and every time they give me a day that the money would be deposited, and that day comes and goes with no deposit. It has supposedly been escalated four different times, but still nothing. Still waiting....."

Bb Bb says


Chris Turnbull says

"Only real money wins real money while bonus money is effectively useless. Real money gets used before any bonus money. Fine if you win. But once real money is gone bonus money, no matter how much, will only win bonus money, which will expire and can't be withdrawn unless real money totalling at least 30 times the original bonus amount is spent. A $30 bonus needs at least $900 real money spent before it becomes useful."

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